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This is my heaven.

Life is short. What happens after you die? I wouldn’t know. Whatever it is it probably isn’t this, and I love this.

I love the sound of my baby’s breath as she sleeps.  I love the strength in my husband’s rough hand as he grabs mine. I love the giggles that echo down the hallway. I love the taste of a ripe peach, the smell of an approaching storm, and the way it feels to drift off to sleep. I love the beauty of music. I love the company of good friends.  I love the feel of sand between my toes, a cool breeze on my neck, and the soft skin of my son’s cheek on mine as we snuggle.

What comes after this is unknown to me. Maybe it is better. Maybe it is not. But it is not this, and I love this.

This is my heaven. 



The Witching Hour

My children are generally happy and content kids.  When I’m home with them in the summers we have very nice days.  During the school year, they are both happy where they are.  They are easy to manage and fun to be with.  The older one is very helpful and creative. The younger one is still extremely cute and takes nice long naps in the afternoon.  They make life pretty easy.

But every day has a witching hour. Your family probably has one, too.witching2

For us, it usually falls around 4:00, right as I get home from work.  Suddenly, everyone becomes whiny, bored, and hungry – despite having just had a snack an hour ago.  You don’t want to give them more snacks because dinner (which you’re trying to get started) is just around the corner.  The little one is grabbing at your leg saying “Up! Up!” and you eventually have to put him on the other side of the gate so he doesn’t get burned or trampled. He starts to cry as he attempts to climb the gate, all the while still screaming “Up!UUUUUPPP!” witching1

The older one, having used up all of her allotted TV time earlier in the day or week, is now “sooooo boooorrrredd” and “no” she doesn’t “want to go outside and play.”  Trying to be a hands-on parent, you invite her to come help with dinner.  When she enters the kitchen, the little one screams louder because he’s not also allowed in the kitchen.  Eventually, he starts throwing things over the gate, some of which land in the dog’s water.  In attempting to help pour ingredients, the older one ends up spilling something on the floor.  Even though you maintained your temper, she starts crying inconsolably. You can’t believe there are still four hours until bedtime.witching3

At that moment, your spouse walks in the door from work.  All you want to do is shout “Please take them! It’s been a long day and I’m just trying to make dinner!”  But you can tell from his face that it’s been an exceptionally long and stressful day for him, so you decide to give him a chance to settle himself.  Somehow, after burning a few things (and possibly yourself) you finally get dinner on the table.  You carefully portion out the amounts of vegetables everyone is required to eat before they can leave the table.  You then get up three or four times to get the forgotten spoons, condiments, and napkins.  Finally, you get to sit down to your (now cold) dinner.  Whew.

Jim and I have both played this role.  It’s just part of the parenting journey.   Years from now, when we come home to a quiet house and fix our simple dinner-for-two, we may even miss it.

For now, I’ll just make sure there’s always a cold beer in the fridge to have after dinner


Happy Father’s Day to anyone who has or has been a father.

Here’s shot of my father, with my family, looking fatherly at a wedding in November of 1983:

I think my favorite part is my brother's face.  At just under 2, had had no idea why he was in a white tux carrying a pillow.

I think my favorite part is my brother’s face. At just under 2, had had no idea why he was in a white tux carrying a pillow.


Here’s a shot of my father with the father of my children:

Any guesses where they are in this pic?

Any guesses where they are in this pic?


Anyway, father-filled or not, I hope everyone has a wonderful day today.

Happy Early Father’s Day!

We won’t be able to celebrate Father’s Day with Jim on Sunday because the kids and I are headed on a week-long beach vacation that day.  After all, what better way for kids to celebrate Father’s Day than to go on vacation without their father?

The truth is, Jim would love to come with us to the beach, but he’s re-arranged his priorities for this summer.  Because of his job, time off is hard to come by this time of year.  He can only really manage to take one week off each summer.  Usually we use it for a family vacation, but this year he’s decided to use his week off to help people who are still rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy.  So, while we’ll miss him next week, we’re very proud of him for making that choice.  He’s a good man.

Since we didn’t want to miss Father’s Day completely, we celebrated it last night.

First, there were the preparations of wrapping presents and making cards.fdaygroup1

Once he was home, we enjoyed a dinner that included Jim’s favorite casserole, “Chicken Delight.”  The meal ended with a lemon torte because lemon is one of Jim’s favorite flavors.fdaygroup2

Finally, it was time for card reading and present opening.  Keeping with this summer’s camping theme, Jim’s Father’s Day presents were a pop-up trash can and a camping kitchen from Cabela’s.fdaygroup3

Happy Father’s Day!

Welcome to my Blog!


Welcome to my blog! My name is Holly.  I am a wife and mother of two children (a 6-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy).  I teach music full-time in a middle school, give music lessons privately in my home, and direct a local church choir.  To learn more about me, check out the “About” page above.


Why Blog?

I’ve been journaling privately since the first grade.  I love to write.  It’s therapeutic and artistic.  However, having others read my writing is extremely nerve-wracking for me.  I think having someone see me naked may be less stressful.  This is a ridiculous way to feel about something I love doing, so I decided to dive in and share my writing with the internet.

Why “Taking You With Me”?

In searching for a blog title, I kept coming back to the idea of life as a journey.  I love how the phrase, “taking you with me,” can have so many meanings:

  • To my husband – “Life is an adventure and so I’m glad I’m taking you with me.”
  • To my kids – “I’m going to the grocery store and I’m taking you with me.”
  • To my readers – “As I blog about my life, I’m happy to be taking you with me.”

And then, there’s the most common use of the phrase:

  •  “If I go down, I’m taking you with me!”

In any case, “taking you with me” implies that we’re going somewhere, whether physically, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise, and we’re not doing it alone.

So, thank you for joining me on this journey!