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Happy 15th Anniversary!

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15 years ago, Jim and I threw a giant party that resulted in us being tethered to each other for life.  Like all couples, we have definitely had our ups… Read more »

♫ Take Me Out on a Wednesday ♫

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I’ll totally honest: Jim and I are NOT spontaneous. Throughout the (almost) fifteen years we’ve been married, we have had many adventures, but they are always well-planned. We travel frequently,… Read more »

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This is my heaven. Life is short. What happens after you die? I wouldn’t know. Whatever it is it probably isn’t this, and I love this. I love the sound… Read more »

The Witching Hour

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My children are generally happy and content kids.  When I’m home with them in the summers we have very nice days.  During the school year, they are both happy where… Read more »


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Happy Father’s Day to anyone who has or has been a father. Here’s shot of my father, with my family, looking fatherly at a wedding in November of 1983:  … Read more »

Happy Early Father’s Day!

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We won’t be able to celebrate Father’s Day with Jim on Sunday because the kids and I are headed on a week-long beach vacation that day.  After all, what better… Read more »