Our First Harvest Host Experience!

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In preparation for our summer trip, we joined Harvest Host.

If you aren’t familiar with it, Harvest Host is a membership for RVers that costs less than $100/yr. Businesses all over the country join for free, and as you travel, you can stay at those businesses for no additional costs. The only expectation is to patronize the business, although it’s not mandatory.

Our first Harvest Host experience was in Hazen, Ohio, at the Maize Valley Winery and Craft Brewery. Maize Valley is a family-owned 750-acre farm with a brewery, winery, and restaurant. We talked with the property manager, who explained that the owners were big RVers who used to travel with their kids when they were younger. After years of staying overnight in Walmart parking lots, they discovered Harvest Host and immediately decided to provide overnight parking at their venue.

We could not have asked for a nicer place to stay. They parked us in the back of the property by a field of lavender. We had dinner at the restaurant, with delicious food and beer. The kids even got to pet goats and feed them grass!

Our quick stop also allowed us to practice boondocking skills, as Harvest Hosts don’t normally provide electricity hook-ups. We got to try out our portable solar panels and our new USB-chargeable lamps for the first time.

Most of our trip this summer is booked in advance, but we will have a few opportunities to try out other Harvest Host locations. Hopefully, they will be as lovely as our first!