Happy 15th Anniversary!

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15 years ago, Jim and I threw a giant party that resulted in us being tethered to each other for life. 

Like all couples, we have definitely had our ups and downs, but we have also been extremely blessed. Our greatest blessings have been our three beautiful children, but we also get sick of being around them all the time. So, this year we decided to leave them with people we trust and head away for the weekend to celebrate.

Unfortunately, we waited until the last minute to plan and did a crappy job of saving money, so we were forced to go somewhere reasonably priced within driving distance where there were lots of free things to do. It turns out there is such a place: Ithaca, NY.

We settled on Ithaca as a destination when, after hours of online searching, I stumbled upon an adorable rental on the Cayuga Lake called the Ithaca Boathouse. With a private dock, full kitchen, living and dining spaces, and off-street parking, it was perfect for our weekend away. Even better, there were tons of free touristy things to do nearby. 

To see all the fun we packed into our weekend get-away, check out our video HERE! Links to all the amazing places we visited are in the description.