Pennsylvania Precipitation

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While we were setting record rainfall this summer, more than once I heard someone declare, “Well, at least it’s not snow!” Welcome to Pennsylvania in November:   This heavy trend… Read more »


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My 6yo has been dreaming of being a millionaire when he grows up. We’ve been talking about the hard work and determination that would take. Then, we fantasize about what… Read more »

Get to the Polls!!!

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It’s Election Day! I have a 30 minute window in which I can squeeze my trip to the voting booth today. Fortunately, my polling place serves a small community and… Read more »

It’s Finally Fall!!

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Despite several inches of rain this week, the leaves are still hanging on. So, 12yo and I headed out to a local hiking trail we had never tried. The trails… Read more »

It’s October and I’m SOOOO Sweaty!!

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I don’t know what’s up with Pennsylvania right now but it’s so gross. We’re almost in the middle of October, Halloween is rushing at us at light speed, and I’ve… Read more »

Rving New England

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  Each fall, our school shuts down for a week because a large fair is held in our town. Yes, it’s weird to have five weeks of school and then… Read more »

Out of Order

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Recently, our toilet was leaking and had to be turned off. Fortunately, we have others. To make sure no one used it accidentally, 12yo made a helpful sign. I especially… Read more »

Corning Museum of Glass

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This weekend, we got away to “moochdock” with friends at their family farm. We were an hour from Corning, so we decided to head that way to check out the… Read more »

Fan Club

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As soon as 6yo got in the car yesterday, I asked him how his third day of school was. 6yo: “Awesome! Jerry, Lucas, and I are going to start a… Read more »