Pennsylvania Precipitation

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While we were setting record rainfall this summer, more than once I heard someone declare, “Well, at least it’s not snow!”

Welcome to Pennsylvania in November:


This heavy trend of precipitation has held for the entire year, so I don’t know why I expected it to be different just because the temperature dropped. All we can do now is make the most of it, which is exactly what my kids did yesterday when they were sent home early from school.




Mom tip: Purchase ALL your snowpants in black, regardless of the gender of your children, then hang onto them until all your kids have gotten some use out of them. I started doing this when 12yo was about 5. Now, I only need to purchase one pair of snow pants each year and the younger two wear hand-me-downs. I spend enough each year replacing the gloves and hats they lost the previous year, I cannot afford to purchase 3 sets of brand-new set of snowpants.


I hope we aren’t experiencing regular foot-high snow storms this winter, but if we do we will just make the best of it!