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Oldie, but Goodie


Our kids have state-of-the art toys – Toys that speak, drive, run, and glow.  We’ve given them our old smart phones to use for gaming.  We have video-game consoles, laptops, and e-readers.  They are truly children of a technologically literate generation, children who know little of toys that require no batteries or light bulbs.

I have to wonder, though: will these things stand the test of time? Will our children look back and remember fondly the feel or smell of these things?  Perhaps they will, but probably not.

Recently, during an afternoon visit with my grandmother, my daughter was playing with the toys at her house and came upon an old Fisher Price camera.  That camera has been a staple in my grandmother’s toy box for as long as I can remember, and long before that.  Without even touching it, I can remember the weight of the camera in my hands and the feel of the click that comes from inside as you press the button to “advance” the non-existent film.  I can remember the smell of the plastic as I put the viewfinder to my eye and see the slides of happy children playing on a farm.  I can recall the click of the dial that changes the colors from red, to blue, to yellow.  I can remember many afternoons of running up to others and shouting “Say Cheese!”

There is something about an old familiar toy that brings back the comforts and innocence of childhood. Will my children’s toys have the same effect on them when they’re older?  When they bring their own children to my house, will they see a toy and think “I used to love to play with that!” Will any of their old toys still be here?  I guess that’s up to us.

Welcome to my Blog!


Welcome to my blog! My name is Holly.  I am a wife and mother of two children (a 6-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy).  I teach music full-time in a middle school, give music lessons privately in my home, and direct a local church choir.  To learn more about me, check out the “About” page above.


Why Blog?

I’ve been journaling privately since the first grade.  I love to write.  It’s therapeutic and artistic.  However, having others read my writing is extremely nerve-wracking for me.  I think having someone see me naked may be less stressful.  This is a ridiculous way to feel about something I love doing, so I decided to dive in and share my writing with the internet.

Why “Taking You With Me”?

In searching for a blog title, I kept coming back to the idea of life as a journey.  I love how the phrase, “taking you with me,” can have so many meanings:

  • To my husband – “Life is an adventure and so I’m glad I’m taking you with me.”
  • To my kids – “I’m going to the grocery store and I’m taking you with me.”
  • To my readers – “As I blog about my life, I’m happy to be taking you with me.”

And then, there’s the most common use of the phrase:

  •  “If I go down, I’m taking you with me!”

In any case, “taking you with me” implies that we’re going somewhere, whether physically, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise, and we’re not doing it alone.

So, thank you for joining me on this journey!