What I Really Said (In my imagination, anyway)…..

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What actually happened:

While sitting on the passenger side of my mothers-in-law’s car, waiting for my daughter’s school bus to arrive at the usual stop, a little boy who looked to be about 4 ran away from (who I assumed to be) his grandmother and pounded on my window, yelling, “Put it down!”  I rolled down my window; he yelled some nonsense at me, and then told me to put the window up.  I thought we were finished, but he yelled at me to put it down.  I shook my head.  At this point, his grandmother, who was dragging a smaller version of the boy alongside her, said something like “Come, along now” and the boy ran away.  The smaller version, however, bent down and picked up a pebble, chucking it at our car.  The grandmother grabbed him by the hand and pulled him away.  I turned to my mother-in-law and said “He just threw a rock at the car.”  She said, “Really?”  The end.

What happens when I re-live the scene in my imagination:

The little boy bangs on my window.  I shake my head.  He bangs again, yelling for me to put down the window.  I put it down and tell him, “Hello, you probably shouldn’t be banging on my window and yelling at me.  I’m a stranger, and you shouldn’t talk to strangers – let alone boss them around and pound on their cars. (loudly enough so Grandma can hear) I’m surprised your grandmother let you do that (giving Grandma the stink-eye).  She probably thinks it’s cute, but it’s not.”  As they walk away, the smaller boy picks up a rock and chucks it at the car.  The grandmother doesn’t correct him, so I step out of the car and say, “Really?!? He just threw a rock at our car, but you’re not going to make him apologize or even acknowledge that he did it?  Maybe I should throw a rock at your kid, lady, and call it even!  They’re little boys, not wild dogs – teach them to behave!”  I don’t know what happens after that, because I’ve never have the cojones to actually say things like that to people so I have no experience with these things.