Recipe Review: Pie Iron Breakfast Patties

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This summer has been so busy that we haven’t been camping nearly as often as we would like, but we did manage to get away last weekend to Francis Slocum State Park. It may have been the most perfect camping weekend ever – perfect weather, perfect site, perfect company!

For breakfast, we tried a Food Network recipe Jim found online. The original video is embedded below, and you can also see how our version turned out by watching the video of our weekend HERE (breakfast is at minute 6:30).

Our verdict: We liked the basic idea of this recipe, but it was a little bland. Next time, we will add some sautéed onions and more spices. It was quick and easy enough to put together, but we already had cooked bacon set aside from the previous day’s breakfast. If you also had to cook the bacon, let it cool, then add it, it would triple the cooking time. As an easy solution, you could just leave out the bacon all together.

Next time, I may prep everything ahead of time to store it in a container so we can just pour them right into the pie irons. This would also be a smart option if you are tent camping and do not have refrigerator space to store all the ingredients.

If you try this recipe, let me know in the comments how it turned out!