Back to School!

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Summer comes to an end tomorrow, and it’s ok.

As a teacher, I’m blessed to be able to live the best of both worlds: time at home with my kids in the summer and a rewarding full-time job the rest of the year. God bless full-year stay-at-home moms, and also full-year working moms. I know how lucky I am.

Because both of these worlds are great for our family, I am not sad that school is starting again. It helps that we have two amazing camping trips coming up in the next few weeks – one at Fort Wilderness at Disneyworld! It also helps that I love my job, even with all its frustrations. In the first years, due to being insecure and overwhelmed, I often dreaded going in. Now, as a seasoned teacher, I feel as at home in my school as I do at my house. It seems strange to type that, but it’s true.

The kids are all excited to go back as well. 4yo started last week at her preschool and she’s loving it. 7yo was disappointed this morning when I told him it was only Sunday and he will have to wait another day to start school. 13yo is not ecstatic like the others, but I think she’ll be happy to be back with her friends every day.

So, for everyone starting back to school this month – students AND teachers – I hope you have a fabulous school year!