Merry Christmas!

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We celebrated a more subtle Christmas this year, partially because the kids are getting older, but also because my mother’s health has been in decline for quite a while. It was still a blessed Christmas, thanks to our friends and family. 


With spending more time at the hospital and at my parents’ house, I just haven’t been able to fit in some of the small Christmas activities that make the season special. Fortunately, I have the most amazing in-laws who stepped up and helped out. They took the kids shopping for presents for Jim and me, then helped them wrap them. Another weekend, they kepts the kids overnight for a cookie-baking session. 


I had purchased small gingerbread kits in early December, but never got a chance to decorate them with the kids. The day before Christmas Eve, my next-door neighbor invited the kids over to have them do it there. They had a blast and it allowed me to complete some of the wrapping I hadn’t even started. 

My kids don’t expect a big magical Christmas, but I am still grateful to everyone who helped make our Christmas a bit brighter this year. 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!