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My Funny Buddy

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Recently, 3yo and I were in the basement where our toy kitchen is located. He was preparing a plastic dinner for me, and the following conversation ensued:   3yo (handing… Read more »

They Look So Real

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Now that the baby is mobile, she’s really enjoying playing with her toys. She loves things with knobs and buttons and she likes to drum on flat objects with anything… Read more »

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This is my heaven. Life is short. What happens after you die? I wouldn’t know. Whatever it is it probably isn’t this, and I love this. I love the sound… Read more »


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Since almost anyone who reads this knows me personally, I probably do not have to announce that THIS post was a bit premature. When I first began acknowledging the possibility… Read more »

Birthday Lesson Learned

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Recently, 6yo became 7yo. Because weekdays are bad for everybody, her birthday party was held on a Sunday.  It was a small affair with family and a few close friends. … Read more »

The Witching Hour

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My children are generally happy and content kids.  When I’m home with them in the summers we have very nice days.  During the school year, they are both happy where… Read more »

More Signs of Toddlerdom

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For three days, there have been six candles from a nearby candle-holder in a bucket in front of the fireplace.  My guess is that, after 1yo put them in there,… Read more »