Out of the Mouth of Babes…..

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This exchange between my 6-year-old daughter and me happened a while ago, but it’s still totally worth posting:

So we’re standing in the make-up aisle of the local drug store…

6yo: (points to some cuticle trimmers) Mommy, are those for cutting off your nipples?

Me: WHAT?!? Why would you want to cut off your nipples?

6yo: you know, to try to get rid of them.

Me: you can’t get rid of them. They’re supposed to be there.

6yo: (exasperated) But how come sometimes they go away?

Me: (pause)………Do you mean pimples?

6yo: Oh yeah. Pimples.

Me: You don’t cut them off. You’re not even supposed to pick at them, although Daddy does.

6yo: Oh. (walks to the end of the aisle where her father is) Daddy! (shouting) You know you’re NOT supposed to pick off your NIPPLES!!!