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Reliving Game of Thrones: No Thanks

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(For those of you dwelling in caves: spoilers ahead!) Like millions of people around the world, Jim and I are anxiously awaiting the return of Game of Thrones for it’s… Read more »

I Made A Cake!

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I am usually pretty lazy when it comes to cake-baking. Often, I give 12yo the task because she enjoys it and then I don’t have to do it. Lately, however,… Read more »

It’s only Wednesday!?

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Some weeks are hard. This week has been hard for me. I’ve cried a couple times already and it’s only Wednesday. I’ll be fine, my family will be fine, but… Read more »

The Polar Vortex

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My facebook feed is rife with screenshots of everyone’s weather apps showing it is -5 degrees here in PA. With the wind chill, it will get down to -30 in… Read more »

Moving Memories

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Recently, my grandmother was at our house to celebrate our December birthdays with us. She was walking through the kitchen and stopped for a moment to look at our cabinets…. Read more »

When you share a birthday….

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March must be the golden month for our marriage, because two of our three children were born in December. Not only that, but their birthdays are only 1 day apart…. Read more »

Pennsylvania Precipitation

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While we were setting record rainfall this summer, more than once I heard someone declare, “Well, at least it’s not snow!” Welcome to Pennsylvania in November:   This heavy trend… Read more »


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My 6yo has been dreaming of being a millionaire when he grows up. We’ve been talking about the hard work and determination that would take. Then, we fantasize about what… Read more »

Get to the Polls!!!

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It’s Election Day! I have a 30 minute window in which I can squeeze my trip to the voting booth today. Fortunately, my polling place serves a small community and… Read more »