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Our Philadelphia Weekend

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When Jim asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, I hadn’t given it much thought. 41 isn’t a super-exciting birthday milestone, so I didn’t want much of… Read more »

Our Disney Vacation: How We Do Disney

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I should have posted about our amazing trip to Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney World a while back, but I wanted to have all the videos done first. Check our… Read more »

Happy 15th Anniversary!

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15 years ago, Jim and I threw a giant party that resulted in us being tethered to each other for life.  Like all couples, we have definitely had our ups… Read more »

♫ Take Me Out on a Wednesday ♫

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I’ll totally honest: Jim and I are NOT spontaneous. Throughout the (almost) fifteen years we’ve been married, we have had many adventures, but they are always well-planned. We travel frequently,… Read more »

Eckley Miners Village

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Although it isn’t very far from home, we had never visited the Eckley Miners Village in Freeland, PA. So, a few weekends ago when the weather was nice, we decided… Read more »

Our New Truck!

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Jim and I are so excited to share our new truck with you! We brought our new 2018 F250 home with us yesterday!   We are especially excited because, although… Read more »

Rocks….so much fun.

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I love rocks. Who doesn’t? Granted, they’re not very fun when you’re digging….or when they hit your car…..or when you’re caught in a landslide…or when you’re being stoned to death…. Read more »