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So much cake!

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For my grandmother’s upcoming birthday party, our family was given the task of providing the birthday cake. Normally, I would order a cake from our favorite bakery then talk my… Read more »

Manic Monday

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Today, during dinner prep, 3yo held up a large plastic spoon and asked “Why dis a spoon?” After a day of work, picking up kids, exercising dogs, and squeezing in… Read more »

Life is So Unfair!!!

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“I never get what I want!” This is a sentence I hear on a daily basis from 4yo. I assume it’s a phase, but it’s one of the most annoying… Read more »

Summer is Here!

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We made it to summer! After the craziness of the last month of school, today marks the kick-off of summer vacation here. Despite the calls for rain, it’s sunny and… Read more »

A Little Gem

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I recently found this conversation from last summer that I had written down so as not to forget it.  I read it tonight and it made me smile. 3yo: Now… Read more »