Amazing Waterfalls at Watkins Glen

Last weekend, we camped at Watkins Glen state park. We’re not racing fans, so we’ve never been in the area before. What a mistake! The best part was hiking the Gorge Trail next to the campground. Because of heavy rains the proceeding weeks, the falls were really powerful.

The trail wasn’t crowded when we started at 9:30am, but by the time we were finishing up, it was getting harder to get past people on the trail. I would recommend getting there early if you want to avoid the crowd. Also, wear waterproof shoes because the rocky path can get really wet.

We will definitely be back to hike more of the park and also check out the lake. Maybe we’ll make it an adults-only trip and hit some wineries too!

Check out a video of our hike on the Gorge Trail:


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