So, it’s been a while….

I’ve neglected this blog for a number of weeks.  I’m sure my three avid readers were slightly disappointed, but probably no one else noticed.  Summer is an unpredictable time for us.  Our daily schedules go haywire and I find that days go by without me thinking once about writing.

Here in NEPA, the summer is already winding down.  School starts in two short weeks.  Despite the common misconception that all teachers live for the summer, I am looking forward to returning to teaching.  6yo, on the other hand, has no desire to return to school because “It lasts for hours!”  She’s had a rough time these past few weeks with her health, so I’m just hoping she’s fully recovered before we head back.

It was a little over two weeks ago that we saw the spot.  It was on her leg, about the size of a half-dollar.  In addition, her eyes were starting to look sunken, her face was pale, and she started complaining that her hips and knees hurt.  She was constantly tired, despite getting decent amounts of sleep.  Her appetite was nearly non-existent.  The morning I took her to the doctor, she came crawling into my bedroom because she hurt too much to walk.

We never saw the tick.  According to our pediatrician, with Lyme disease that’s often the case.meds

Twelve days into her 21 prescribed days of antibiotics, she broke out into a severe case of hives.  Her knees, ankles, and hands swelled.   She could hardly walk.  She was prescribed a different antibiotic for the remainder of her treatment.  Slowly, she seems to be improving.

Through it all, she’s been quite the trooper. She plays through the pain and chokes down the hideous-tasting medicine.  She’s blotchy and itchy, but in good spirits.  Our greatest hope is that her treatment works this first time, and she doesn’t join the legions of people fighting this illness long-term.

Hopefully, she’ll be one of the lucky ones.

8 thoughts on “So, it’s been a while….

  1. Tina

    That’s terrible! We have acres of woods behind our house and I’m always so nervous when the girls go out to play because of the risk of Lyme disease…praying Hope has a quick and immediate recovery!!

  2. Jackie K

    My son ended up with Lyme disease last fall. It is very horrible! It attacks your immune system, as you know. Tate too was exhausted. Sounds like you caught it in the early stages. We started him on Vitamin B complex. It is an immune booster. I plan on giving it to him everyday, forever! I hope she feels better soon… Rest up Hope!

  3. Steph G.

    Wow, Holly…it sounds like you’ve all had a rough few weeks. I’m so sorry to her how sick Hope got but hopefully the antibiotics are kicking in full force now and starting to heal her body! Its so good that you did catch this early on and started treatment right away. It’s such a scary disease…I’ve been sick with it for a while too so i can very much sympathize with what she’s been going through. I will be sure to keep her in my prayers. If she ends up needing to see a specialist, let me know and I can ask my doctor who he recommends for children.


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