Is it August Yet?

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Despite common assumptions, most teachers do not go into the profession because they have off for the summer.  I would be perfectly fine (in fact, I would prefer) if the school system changed to be year-round with shorter breaks between semesters or trimesters.

That being said, the summer does have its advantages.summer

Some things I love about summer include:

  • Morning snuggles with my kids.
  • No make-up!!
  • Sometimes, I don’t wash my hair for days.
  • Grocery shopping during the day.
  • The possibility of squeezing in a short nap in the afternoon while 1yo takes his.
  • Less pressure to get to sleep at a decent hour.
  • The absence of the dark cloud that hangs over Sunday night.

Even with all these benefits, it’s at this point in the summer that I start to feel the itch to go back to school. I am not disciplined enough to be at home all the time.  I admire stay-at-home-parents who can keep their families on a productive schedule, but I am not like that.  I thrive when I’m busy.  In fact, I would even go so far as to say that I am a better parent when I am busy.

I may eat my words next week when I’m gone all day to teach at an integrated arts camp, but I suspect not.  In the meantime, I will continue to wear ponytails and declare afternoon snuggle times.

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