Happy Early Father’s Day!

We won’t be able to celebrate Father’s Day with Jim on Sunday because the kids and I are headed on a week-long beach vacation that day.  After all, what better way for kids to celebrate Father’s Day than to go on vacation without their father?

The truth is, Jim would love to come with us to the beach, but he’s re-arranged his priorities for this summer.  Because of his job, time off is hard to come by this time of year.  He can only really manage to take one week off each summer.  Usually we use it for a family vacation, but this year he’s decided to use his week off to help people who are still rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy.  So, while we’ll miss him next week, we’re very proud of him for making that choice.  He’s a good man.

Since we didn’t want to miss Father’s Day completely, we celebrated it last night.

First, there were the preparations of wrapping presents and making cards.fdaygroup1

Once he was home, we enjoyed a dinner that included Jim’s favorite casserole, “Chicken Delight.”  The meal ended with a lemon torte because lemon is one of Jim’s favorite flavors.fdaygroup2

Finally, it was time for card reading and present opening.  Keeping with this summer’s camping theme, Jim’s Father’s Day presents were a pop-up trash can and a camping kitchen from Cabela’s.fdaygroup3

Happy Father’s Day!

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