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When 6yo was 18 months, she had quite an extensive vocabulary.  She spoke in small sentences and could use her words to communicate her needs and wants.  A typical conversation would go something like this:

Me: Are you Hungry?

Her: dyeah! (yes)

Me:  What would you like?

Her: toast!

Me: Ok, I’ll go make you some toast.  I love you!

Her: Luv oo, Mommy!

My baby girl at 18 mos.

My baby girl at 18 mos.

Well, 1yo just reached the 18-month milestone this past weekend.  Here how a typical conversation with him usually goes:

Me: Can you say “Mommy?”

1yo (with thumb in mouth): hmmffmmnnn

Me: What does a cow say?

1yo (takes thumb out): Roooaaarrr! (pops thumb back in)

Me: Can you say “Puppy”?

1yo: (stares blankly, thumb still firmly planted)

Me: Can you say “Daddy”?

1yo: (whimpers through thumb)

Me: Can you say “ball”?

1yo: (Yanks thumb out) BAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

Me:  Good!  Can you say “Grandmom”?


Me: (sigh) Nevermind


Me and my 18-month-old buddy.

Me and my 18-month-old buddy.

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