What Kind of Person Blogs about Herself?

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A little over two months ago, I started this blog.  I missed writing, was tired of journaling, and was looking for a chance for some introspection.  Blogging seemed the way to go.  As it turns out, blogging has become very therapeutic, as well as good exercise for working on my writing skills.  I look forward to blogging whenever I can get a little quiet time (so, not as often as I would like).photo (14)

Still, the idea of blogging makes me a little uncomfortable.

I cannot help but worry: What kind of person am I to think other people (outside of my immediate family) would care at all to read stuff I wrote about myself and my family. If I had chosen a more specific topic on which I am an expert (um….I’ve got nothing) I could tell myself I am using my blog to help others.  But, instead, I am writing about being a working mom, wife, and teacher – things millions of other women can say.

I didn’t even share my blog with anyone for several weeks.  It was only just recently that I posted a link to one of my blog posts on my personal facebook page to see if anyone would even bother to read it.  Thanks to the long holiday weekend, I had some time recently to sit down and try to expand my readership through the use of Facebook and other social media sites.  Still, I am too embarrassed to really put my blog out there.  I haven’t even sent out invitations to my email contacts or facebook friends.

So, why am I blogging at all?  I decided to blog for the reasons I listed above.  I’m deciding to KEEP blogging for the following reason:  I LOVE to read blogs from other women.  I love to see how they handled a family or work situation that I have most certainly stumbled upon myself.  I find great comfort in knowing that I am not alone in the trials and tribulations of womanhood, marriage, and motherhood.  Their blogs have made me laugh, cry, and get angry – and I’ve loved it.

So, I’ve decided to add my voice to the throng of other women bloggers who have something to say.  Maybe there will be women who can find comfort, humor, and solace in my writing as I have in the writing of others.


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