Why the Cheez It Pizza didn’t survive

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Every once in a while, when the work week has been long and we just can’t bring ourselves to put food in a pan and turn on the oven, we order delivery from Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is garbage, I know. Our town has several mom-and-pop pizza places that we try to support as well, but the kids (for some reason) really love Pizza Hut. Also, Jim doesn’t really like pizza in general, so it’s not really that important to him that we order good pizza in the first place. 

We usually order a Big Dinner Box, which gets us two medium one-topping pizzas, breadsticks, and wings for $20. It’s not a bad deal when you don’t feel like leaving your house or cooking. The last time we ordered, I noticed they now have this thing called a Cheez it Pizza. From the description, it looked like little personal cheese-stuffed pockets with a Cheez-it flavored crust. The price was $6 for four of them, so I decided to give it a try out of curiosity. 

In the picture, they look to be pretty substantial. So, imagine my surprise when they arrived and the Cheez-it Pizzas were hardly any bigger than an actual Cheez it! Not only that, but the flavor was just weird. The ambiguous Cheez it flavor mixed with the mozzarella usually found in Pizza Hut pizza was just confusing to our taste buds. Not a single kid finished theirs, which is really surprising considering their size. Not to mention, my kids are not discriminating when it comes to food quality, so something cheese-flavored and filled with cheese is usually a big hit in our house. It has to be really bad for them to not finish it. 

The last time I looked at the Pizza Hut website, the Cheez it Pizza was no longer available. I’m not surprised and I think it’s probably for the best. 

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