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Williamsburg RV Vacation: Part 4

All good things must come to an end, as was true with our Williamsburg vacation. We enjoyed a sunny Thursday at Virginia Beach and a quick trip back to Colonial Williamsburg. Two of the highlights of our last day was a ride in an ox cart and our time spent at Patriots at Play where the kids got to do many hands-on activities.

We left just enough Historic Triangle activities undone so that we’ll have to go back again in a few years. Oh, darn!

Universal Bathroom Stools: a Beautiful Mom Dream

The Census of 2010 reported that 20% of the population of the United States was 10-years or younger. 21 million of those children were under the age of 6. reports that the average 4-year-old is 40 inches tall. That means approximately 1 in 7 people living in the US are 3 feet or shorter.

So WHY on earth doesn’t anyone put stools in their public restrooms?!?

Taking a newly-potty-trained toddler to the restroom is hard enough as it is. They don’t fit on the seat, they’re terrified of the self-flushing toilets, and the two of us barely fit in the tiny stall together. Despite my insistence they don’t touch anything, they manage to rest their hands on nearly every surface. After wrangling their clothes back on, then trying to use the toilet myself while repeating “don’t you dare open that door until I’m finished!” at least 4 times, I am then forced to balance my 30lb toddler on one raised knee while simultaneously turning on the water and squeezing the soap dispenser while they do a half-assed job of washing their own hands.

bathroom stool

I’ll delay my rant about changing tables for another day, but at least one can argue that those are expensive ($400 or more). But a stool? 50 bucks, and you only need one in each room. I have great appreciation for businesses who provide a lower sink, but they are few and far between. I adore business that provide a mini-toilet for little butts (thank you, Knoebels), but I’ve seen that maybe three times in my life. Trust me, moms and dads know what each public bathroom in their community provides and we are more likely to patronize a business if we know we can easily change a diaper or avoid bathroom acrobatics.

No, bathroom stools won’t solve world hunger or house the homeless, but a hungry homeless person with a toddler would probably still appreciate a stool then next time they have to take them to a public restroom.



Our Williamsburg RV Vacation Part 3: Jamestown

Our morning in historic Jamestown started off a little rocky when it failed to catch the interest of the littles. By lunchtime, they were fully engaged and especially enjoyed the Voorhees museum because it had real skeletons. Also, giving James a phone and telling him he’s making a movie increases his interest significantly. We will remember this trick in the future.

Even better for the kids than historic Jamestown was the Jamestown Settlement. Because it’s more of a reenactment, they got to do tons of hands-on activities and explore ships and buildings. It’s a good thing we did that second because otherwise historic Jamestown would’ve been a big disappointment for them.

We wrapped up our day back in Williamsburg with a delicious dinner at Shield’s Tavern.

Fair Week Vacation to Williamsburg, VA! (Parts 1 and 2)

It’s hard believe September is over – especially since we now have to wait an entire year to go on our annual “Fair Week Vacation.” Every year, the thousands of people descending on our town to visit the Bloomsburg Fair make it impossible for buses to transport students safely. As a result, all the county schools shut down for the week and many locals take the opportunity to go on an off-season vacation.

This year, we headed to the historical triangle to visit Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown with a stop at Virginia Beach. It was a timely field trip because all three of our kids are obsessed with the Broadway musical Hamilton. We squeezed in as much as we could, while leaving enough to give us a reason to go back one day.

For our stay, we chose Anvil Campground. It made for an excellent basecamp. We were 7 minutes from Colonial Williamsburg. The campground was clean and well-maintained. The family owners obviously take great pride in their property. The sites were close, but we weren’t looking for a state park, we were looking for a great location with nice amenities and Anvil Campground delivered. One warning: there is a very-active train track bordering one side of the property. If you are a light sleeper, this may not be the campground for you. We slept just fine.


We did so many fun things that I’ve broken our trip down into smaller videos. Check out the first two: